Sneak preview

Amélie discovers that baby moves quite a lot at the moment.

Below are a few photos of the nursery – as it stands at the moment. It’s still “le bordel” – but we’re nearly finished. Perhaps just as well, as baby is due 1st June!!!

On the left are the lambris, which have been a major headache to put up – but well worth the effort. I have added insulation behind the wood between the batons holding it all onto the wall.

The window needs painting, as does the bedroom door – which is in the garage. Yesterday, I added the first coat of varnish onto the lambris (2nd coat will be today) – while Isa removed a large poster that was glued to the whole of the back of the bedroom door. We used a product that makes removing glued or pasted paper/wallpaper fairly easily.

We had to remove all the shelving from the built in wardrobe, to paint them in the garage. On the right we have 5 adjustable shelves to add. On the left, behind the folding door is a rail for hanging clothes. We’ll perhaps have to store baby stuff elsewhere, there isn’t room in the wardrobe for everything.

One of the two handles on the wardrobe doors.

My BIL came to install the new light and light switch, leaving me put up the ceiling tiles. Once we’ve finished the room I’ll post some new photos, along with a video of how the room looked before we started (Brown and horrible).

Here’s a photo of Thumpah and Chipie taken this morning. I’m pleased to report that Maman is doing very well. 😉

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  1. John, these photos are really nice and do justice to all the work you’ve done in preparation for the baby during the last few months. Everything will be ready in time…all you need now will be the baby, and he will come when he’s good and ready and not before. As a rule, firstborns almost always come before the fixed date, so you won’t have too much more to wait (especially since the first of June is only three weeks from tomorrow).


  2. This looks wonderful John, especially the sunny yellow! The little guy will be coming home to such a cheerful space,especially in the wintertime when it’s dark. Quite a big job too. Talk to you later!–cheers, Pam

  3. I can see you’ve done a lot of work, John! it’s looking tons better and very bright and cheerful.
    Don’t believe Joanne that the first nearly always comes early – I think they’re nearly always a bit late 🙂 (personal experience!)
    I bet you are both looking forward to this life-changing event – you may not even have time to play on the computer then………………..

    Love to both


  4. Hi Guys,
    This is getting real exciting now !! Don’t know about you but time has gone so fast since you tols us the wonderful news.

    I just hope the poor boy doesn’t become a spoilt bratt with all the attention he’s going to get! hehe

    I must say Isa looks great and seems to be blooming, I looked like something that had been dragged out of a hedge backwards !! lol

    Two weeks either way is quite common ,the only one who knows is baby and he aint telling !1 lol

    Take care guys,
    Avis and Les xx

  5. Bravo pour ce beau travail dans la chambre du baby!
    Donc c’est bien un garçon qui s’annonce , comme je le disais hier aux copines du théatre , qui pensaient encore à une petite Juliette.
    Felicitations Isa, tu sembles en super forme sur les photos.
    De gros bisous à bientot.

  6. Thanks a lot to all of you for all the nice comments.

    It is true that “Daddy” John has done a wonderful work with this room ! It looked all dark and depressing before, I just can’t wait now to put the curtains, decorations up the wall and install the little bed to see how it will look like in the end. Plus some little gelly decorations to put on the door windows :o)

    Mummy’s fine, just getting tired quicker than before (which is quite normal, I suppose), and is finally not really in hurry to have her baby out. As you said, Joanne, still 3 weeks to go… even if we have the feeling that it will be sooner, as the baby has decided to move to the ground floor 2 days ago.. after having spent most of his time below mum’s breast :o)

    Well, no doubt that John will keep you posted of what is going on !
    Take care, and thanks again for your support !


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