Shelves, Paternité & Tonton

Today was one of those days that just passes by – picking at things in the nursery, finishing bits, but at our own pace. This morning I fitted the door handle to the window – very frustrating as I had to cut the bolts to size, then found they were both 1mm too long. A bit of “Ni Clou Ni Vis” came to the rescue there.

This afternoon we went to the La Poste to send off some bits I sold recently on Ebay. The La Poste at Mennecy was full (as usual), so we decided to come back through our village and go to Ballancourt. On the way through we stopped at the local Mairie so that we could start the steam roller that is French bureaucracy to declare my paternité for my son/daughter. It seems that this may be delayed due to the public holiday on Thursday – many taking a “pont” till the weekend.
Isa has also to obtain her “Acte de Naissance” (birth certificate) from the mairie in Melun, where she was born. It’s gone missing.

Before going into the Mairie – we saw our 4 year old niece Amélie in the playground of the school behind the main office. I was rather surprised and pleased to get a bisou from her through the railings. Surprised, because when I saw her last, on Sunday, she didn’t want to give her Tonton a kiss. In fact it’s got to the stage each time, where she refuses point blank now and hides behind her Mummy!
No idea why she becomes all shy when I’m there – perhaps it’s because I’m tall? English? Bald? Whatever…!

Anyway – she asked to give me a kiss and Tonton was very pleased. Then when we got back – I did a bit more painting (bits of the curtain rail), then varnished a decorative loaf of bread belonging to my MIL – which has the names of her children on. As it’s old (yes I said bread LOL) – she thought that perhaps some varnish might protect it.
Then while I was in the loo, little Amélie came round from my parent in laws place next door, because she wanted to give Tonton a kiss… Isn’t that cute? Unfortunately Tonton wasn’t available – so I’ll have to remember for next time.

This evening, with Thumpah, we added the shelves to the wardrobe. None of them are straight – but, I suppose that’s to be exepected from recycled 30 year old chipboard. But a lick of paint has really made the whole thing look nice.

Tomorrow the curtain rail goes up, then we can start cleaning the floor. All those paint and glue splotches…

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