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Yesterday my FIL came to see us to say he’d hired some one to trim his hedge – but suggested they do ours as well. It turned out to be a father and son, who eventually confirmed that they were gypsies passing through. We thought we’d take advantage to have them cut down two trees between our garage and our new neighbours, as well.


Now we just have to convince the neighbours to replace the fence to the side of the garage as it all looks very open.

This morning, “côté chambre du petit”, I repaired some of the lino flooring which had been damaged a couple of years ago. Was quite pleased with the job as you can’t see the join. Anyway – it means that we won’t need to replace the whole lot.

Our friend Dominique came for lunch, then as we were eating our plumber friend Marco appeared with his son and our nephew to come and move the old water tank, which had been sitting on the floor in our basement since Marco replaced it with a new one late last year.

Then with Dominique we carried the logs from the tree cut down this morning to put in the wood shed behind the garage. They’ll have to stay there for at least 3 years before we can burn them in our fire in the sitting room. Nice to have some “free” wood – even if it’s not straight away!

Bernadette is coming round tomorrow with her Kangoo van – so that we can start getting rid of the smaller branches left over from the trees. It all has to be bagged up so we can take it to the local tip at Montaubert.

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