How do we feel?

Well after quite a busy day today – it’s after 11pm, so thought I’d sit here and blog for a while. Thumpah has already gone to bed, not that she is tired, but being horizontal is more comfortable for her.

This afternoon with Bernadette we cleared what was left of the two trees felled the other day – for once Thumpah did as she was told and mostly rested, but she did make the two trips with us to the décheterie with some branches bagged up and put into the back of our car. While Bernadette and me carried most of the loads in her Kangoo. So we made one trip before lunch and then one in the afternoon.
As quite a few people were also on holiday today, it seems everyone had the same idea so we had to wait in a long queue at the rubbish tip.
On the second trip we couldn’t open the back doors on Bernadette’s van, so had to unload a few branches from the side door – to make enough space so I could climb in and open the back doors from the inside. So looks like we damaged her rear doors. 🙁

Thumpah stood at the side while we unloaded everything. Then during the afternoon she thought she felt a contraction. The another later on. So today we are sort of wondering if baby will want to make an appearance in the next few days. It’s beginning to look that way.
So she’s is a little bit stressed, as it’s our first. The suitcase, toiletries and paperwork are about ready for the hospital and I’ve put my digital camera on charge – so we can make a quick getaway.

Aside from Martine & Patrick (SIL & BIL) offering to run us to the hospital, we have Bernadette and my friend Campbell over in Corbeil who have offered too. My MIL has always said that she wanted to oblige, but I am worried that as she is easily flippable. It might not be a brilliant idea if she was to do the honors. We’ll already be pre-occupied without having to put up with that.
Plus… if baby decides to make it’s presence known in the middle of the night, I do not want to disturb MIL then.

A friend I know through the net, messaged me yesterday to say his wife had just given birth to a baby girl, their second daughter. Apparently there were a few complications for his wife but it appears everything is OK now. I guess knowing that their baby arrived 10 days early brings it home to me that this can happen to us too – although unfortunately she had to have a Caesarian.

So – I’m still not feeling very paternel. I have spoken to our baby in the bump occasionally. I’m also finding it hard to slip into speaking English and it’s a bit weird to have a conversation where I’m speaking English and Thumpah French.
Everyone says to me that I’ll feel different after the birth. I hope so…

The other day MIL was really nice and washed and re-stuffed an elephant that one of my Grandma’s (Dad’s Mum) knitted for me when I was born. So it is also 37 years old, and was looking worse for wear having been in the attic at my Mum’s place.
After MIL weaved her magic on it, it was like new – it really touched me that she was able to do that for me. The fact that my Grandma died when I was only 4, it’s sad that I can’t even remember her. I have a handful of photos of her and this elephant at least.

At Easter we also found a wooden boat for our baby, although I think this will be for decoration purposes for now in the nursery. It seems to go very well with the room even so.

MIL also came round with some curtains that she’d taken away to resize for the nursery windows – they had to be washed carefully several times because they’d been in our basement for quite a long time. Again, these are another family hand-me-down as they’d been made by Thumpah’s Grandma a long time ago. It’s nice to have things with a bit of history, and by chance they go well with the room too!

On Wednesday evening we went to eat with Patrick, Thumpah’s brother and his wife Martine. They have both been very generous in lending us baby things. I think that the evening was really important where I was concerned, in cementing relations with them, especially as they already have a 4 year old daughter. I’ve always felt pretty distant with regard to both of my BIL’s. I don’t know why things turned out that way, because I’ve never wanted to be distant with them. But I hope that this will be the start of better things, and that I will feel more integrated into Thumpah’s family.

Patrick has said that he’ll come and build the cot that they plan to lend us when needed. Apparently this has served several other kids well over the years both in Thumpah’s family and also with a few of their friends kids too. This is one piece of furniture that has “history” – which really is great.

Tomorrow, Marco who is a long time family friend is coming round. He is also a plumber and will be here to add some new piping so we are able to cook with gas. Thumpah’s other brother, Alain, gave us a “table de cuisson” (cooking hob) which he no longer uses – to replace our electric halogen one that konked out months ago.
The idea is that it’s more economical to use gas. But we need somewhere to plug the hob in to.
I forgot to tell Marco yesterday that we also have a couple of leaks to sort out too – hopefully he’ll have the time to look at those as well. It really seems that we always have problems with the plumbing and heating system here…

Time for bed…

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  1. Hi John,


    A real surprise after not checking in on your Blog for such a long time. A new page has been turned in the chapter of you and Isa with the introduction of Remy Victor Michel Nelson.

    Here is wishing all of you many years of health and happiness.


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