A Rémy album

Feeling a bit too lazy/tired for writing stuff, so here are a few photos of little Rémy for you to enjoy…

Minutes old!
First thing he did was to stick his tongue out at me!
With Maman & Daddy
With Bengy.
With Papy
With Mamy
With Maman & Daddy - Rémy's first day.


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  1. He’s so beautiful! Isa you did a great job! You all look so happy. He really is quite precious. All my best. Monica

  2. What a beautiful boy! He looks very large and his color is wonderful – not all that reddish that so many newborns have. You’re going to have the ride of your life!

    My best to you all,


  3. Rémy is adorable and so sweet…you’d think he was a month old instead of newborn. Take care, Isa and John, and have a wonderful homecoming with your little Earth Angel.


  4. Congratulations to you both! And Thanks so much for posting the pictures. He sure looks like a beautiful, quiet baby.
    Best of Luck to you all.

    Karen in Lorraine

  5. Absolument adorable!si serein,si béat, il a tout l’air d’un bienheureux votre petit Rémy!
    merci pour ces photos qui nous font partager votre joie.
    Bises .

  6. What a lovely family you make! Your new son is beautiful and obviously very happy. Best wishes to all three of you for a wonderful, exciting and fulfilling life together.

  7. Hi John & Isa,
    Wow, what a diamond….. Hope your both doing well. Its a bit of a surprise but myself & Yvonne’s little un, (Lucy) is the same weight as yours 3.48kgs and was born on the thursday 17th May. Guess we are both getting used to new additions…lol

    Well done both, hope you have plenty of good times…

    Martin & Yvonne….. Braunstone, Leics.

  8. Thanks a lot for your kind comments from Isa and myself. We are beginning to find our feet with Rémy, but it has been quite a challenge trying decipher what he wants. Most of the time it’s because he is hungry and as Isa is breast feeding it’s quite tiring for her.

    But last night he had a bit of a crisis with the crying – we later realised it was because he’d been awake for too long during the day plus he was hungry. But it was a difficult moment and something we’ll have to get used to.

    We’ll have more photos to post of us coming home from the hospital at some point, plus a few of Rémy at home. Been a bit busy getting the greetings card organised to send out to everyone, plus photo reprints to send to my Mum and Grandma in the UK, as they do not know what he looks like yet.

    Have also put an advert in tonights Leicester Mercury (Saturday 26th May) – but am trying to get hold of 3 copies of it when it comes out. Hopefully I can get them as back issues from the Leicester Mercury.

  9. Isa and John!
    Congratulations and all the best wishes!!!! Sooo cute!!
    God bless you all!

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