A la Maison

We finally brought Rémy home from hospital on the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd of May. I went with Thumpah’s parents to the hospital in Courcouronnes – where surprisingly we had very little paperwork to complete before we could take Rémy away.

Thumpah’s Mum took a few photos of us outside the entrance, as the batteries on my camera had gone flat – after my fruitless search for the charger back home. Nothing more frustrating than that!

Once home we had another photo taken – these will eventually find their way into a Marks & Spencers baby scrap book my cousin Richard and his wife Jessica sent us a few months ago.

Having got the nursery ready, little Rémy ended up sleeping in our room in a small basket that MIL had revovated – obviously a basket intended for baby use. Rémy seems to sleep very well in it.

It wasn’t long before a proud FIL came to see his Grandson, and before long we had our photos taken at their place as well.

On Friday we went out together as a family for the first time, to go shopping at the local Netto in Mennecy. We were getting pretty low on food stuffs, although we could have managed for a couple more days. Rémy slept in his baby carrier throughout – even when we bumped into my friend Campbell and his new girlfriend Marie-Laure.

It was slightly more difficult passing through the checkout – but bearable, and luckily the shop wasn’t too busy.

My MIL took some lovely photos of us in their garden, it’s nice to get a shot of us three together.

On Saturday Rémy’s older niece, Lise and her friend Alexandra stopped by, later joined by Lise’s brother Florent. Our son has some very proud and curious cousins – who I’m sure will be great pals later on when Rémy is old enough to understand things around him.

On Sunday, we were going through some old family slides with the PIL’s – I have a slide scanner so I was able to put a few onto the PC. Out of interest I made a comparison of a photo of Thumpah as a baby, and one of Rémy taken in the hospital. You can see that Mum and son look very similar as babies.
Unfortunately the first photo of me I have as a baby was when I was about 9 months old – so hard to compare.

So far Rémy has been at home for nearly a week – and very slowly we are getting used to being new parents. It’s a big challenge we’re taking gradually in our stride and with a few frustrations, and tears from both of us – we are getting used to the demands placed on us by bringing up our son. For the moment he is a good little guy, but it’s very frustrating if he cries for no reason. That’s only happened twice now – but sometimes we’re at a loss. The second time we left him he stopped and went to sleep after about 30 mins, but that was when we were in the living room.

We are both tired much of the time, more so Thumpah, but we are happy…

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  1. Ah, first time parents!! Lots of “trials and errors” with raising that newborn! Oh it brings back memories (some good and some not so good!!).

    I love the photo of Isa sleeping – gorgeous!!


  2. Sorry – I got my Wednesday’s mixed up and assumed Isa was coming home today. Looking at the photo of the 3 of you under the hanging baskets, Isa reminds me of her relation who runs the bar at Beausejour. Paul? Can’t remember how to spell her name but Isa will remember. When are you coming down? Brantome was heaving over the Pont. Have never seen so many people.

    Bisous to you 3

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