Finished Nursery

Yesterday we spent the afternoon tidying the nursery – finally we now know where everything is. We also realised that so many of our things came from family and friends – so a big thanks to everyone out there. Your generosity is really very much appreciated.

Finally Rémy will have a lovely room to move into – once we’ve bought an intercom and the paint odour has died down a little.

Rémy now has a cot, which has seen service with most of those in Thumpah’s family.

Although Rémy sleeps in our room, we change him in his own room – it’s amazing how many products are involved in changing nappies and keeping his face and eyes clean. Especially one of his eyes.

Here follows a photo of our Teletubbie… 😉

Daddy is getting used to using a harness – so that Rémy can stay with him a little longer between feeds and naps.

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  1. john…the room looks really the color combination..reminds me of monet…remy gets cuter every time i see him

  2. beau travail, j’espere que Remy y dormira très bien dans cette superbe chambre 😉

  3. But there’s no room for Rémy in the cot, John! But seriously good job there and Rémy looks very comfortable there.

  4. Hello,

    the room is beautiful. I hope it does not smell new paint (or Remy doesn’t sleep there yet).

    Be careful with teletubbies, they do not have moustaches 😉


  5. John, just love the way you and Isa have arranged Rémy’s room; the lovely earth tone colors are just right for a little boy. I remember the baby harness…it’s very practical in many ways. And you look great…that’s the best part about being a new Dad.


  6. Melissa:

    I guess we were influenced by Brétagne. We have a few accessories to hang up, including a nautical cross-stitch that Isa has worked on. I also want to sit down and do something myself. It’s years since I’ve sat and drawn something – maybe it’s time for me to start again and teach my son when he is older.


  7. Amélie, Martine & Pat:

    Merci – nous aussi espère qu’il aimera sa chambre. Merci beaucoup beaucoup pour votre aide tout les 3.


  8. Wendy Joint:

    Ahhh… there is a reason for the full cot. A woman we met during the maternity classes had a baby girl a few weeks before us and we’ve had a sort through of items given/lent to us. Some of the clothes are for a girl, so we’ll lend those to her – but for the moment they’re stored carefully in the cot.

    Rémy is sleeping in a basket in our room for the moment. Just makes life easier for the moment if he wants to be fed during the night. Most nights it’s twice, but very occasionally it’s more…


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