Me Daddy… You Rémy…

Rémy celebrated being 2 weeks old on Saturday and I think that finally we are getting into a routine and getting used to him being around. Generally he wakes us up twice a night, usually at the start or end and in the middle. He has a bit of a crying session from 22h onwards – and over the last few days needs to be fed more often from late afternoon.
Daddy is getting the hang of nappy changing, and with Thumpah we tend to try and do things together. Of course there are times when Thumpah just gets on with things, but I’m now trying to adjust to my new role of being a Father.Everyone who meets Rémy seems to think he’s a good baby because he is rather quiet much of the time.
Last Thursday we went to the PMI (Protection Maternelle et Infantile) for the first time where he was weighed and found to be gaining weight as he should.
On Friday afteroon we went for an outing to go and see Isa’s colleagues at work. Which instead of a quick visit turned out to be a 3 hour one. After that we went to Auchan in Brétigny to do a little shopping for a few baby things. It was around 17h by then, so it was a bit busy and was the first time Rémy had been somewhere with a lot of noise and people. He had slept most of the afternoon – but towards the end of dashing round the supermarket he started to make himself heard.

We also bought a new printer/photocopier to replace our old inkjet printer, which I sold on Ebay. Nice to have a printer that is simple to use finally. The old Epson Stylus Color R300 was way too complicated.

Saturday Rémy went into his pram for the first time – as we decided to work in the garden. He lay there with mosquito netting over him. Thumpah did quite a lot of weeding, while I mowed the front lawn and started the job of getting rid of a grill fence in our back garden.

Sunday was “Fête des Mères” – so the whole of Thumpah’s family was round the table for a meal. Rémy seemed to be guest of honour.

This morning I called my Mum in the UK to see if she had recieved the photo album of photos of Rémy we’d sent her last week. As she hasn’t seen what he looks like, and the distance – she’s not really shared in things as we have here with Thumpah’s family. Although she is obviously pleased she was beginning to sound a bit lost.
Now she has the photos there was a complete transformation in her voice – you could say she was “over the moon” on seeing the photos of Rémy. Now we have to figure out if we can find somewhere to stay if we go over to see her in August…

She said to me that she’ll try to find some photos of me as a baby, as the only photo I have of me is at 9 months. Although I don’t recall ever seeing photos of me younger than that. Would be nice for a comparison at least.

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