We’re still alive… Only just! :)

For once I’ve been pretty silent online – which as you can guess was predicatable. Of course Rémy has been occupying us more and more – he’s growing rapidly and passed his first month 9 days ago.
Luckily our nights are not too broken up – just one or twice normally and he is staying more and more awake during the day. Which is brilliant.

Since my last postings we’ve made a few outings with him, shopping, errands and a couple of walks. Although the weather here in the Paris region has been awful – lots of rain and storms and a disappointing start to the Summer.

We’ve also taken lots of photos – a lot of which are still on the camera memory cards. I need to find some time to empty one of my hard drives and archive photos onto CD so I can then post a few on here!

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  1. Ummm well… I am on the PC, but have been busy working on my sites. Between changing nappies and bath-time 😉

    Rémy is even on my lap when I’m on here, but at this moment I’m going to do some gardening before it rains and Isa and little one are taking a well needed sieste.

    Hope you are all OK.

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your son. I just read through and caught up a bit on your blog. I love the name Rémy, had on of our girls been a boy we might have chosen the same name.

  3. Thanks Meredith. It was a name that we’d decided years ago, but just didn’t feel ready to become parents at the time. Then they said at first we were expecting a girl… 🙂

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