Did I speak too soon?

After 2 months of terrible weather, the prediction is that this week will be sunny. So far for yesterday and today they’ve got it right.

Which means I can start attacking the weeds and get the Karcher out without the risk of it being a waste of time.

We have a few days to get the place looking decent, before Colin and Lorna come over from Leicester on Thursday – they are making the trip by motorbike.

Rémy was a bit cantankerous with me this morning as I bathed him. Looks like he got out of the wrong side of his cot. He doesn’t like it when we pass his clothes over his head – and this morning he really did make a fuss, so much so I was beginning to ask if it was personal. Of course, he is only a baby – and that is something that wouldn’t be the case, but I suppose this Daddy is perhaps feeling left out as it’s all Maman, Maman at the moment.

Apparently my brother in law felt the same with his daughter when she was just a few months old, she is now 5 years old and everything is fine between them.

Yesterday Rémy spent much of the day awake, so I guess he was just tired out after an unusually active day for him.

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  1. hi john
    yes my house did back on to the sport field
    we were both in at infant school together
    to jog your memory i had blonde hair and brown eyes
    we also played together in the summer holiday of 1976

  2. hi john
    i was looking at old photos this week and you were on a few
    i often wonder what had happened to you
    then today i had one of them spam mail from friends reunited so i had a quick look around
    i had looked at your profile before but nothing had rang a bell but you have added a photo of when you were younger and it all fell into place
    anne parker nee holmes

  3. I met Anne on a trip to the UK, over in Hinckley. Was great to catch up on old childhood memories.

    Unfortunately later on, it seems our new found friendship was to be short-lived when she over-reacted to a joke I emailed to friends on my contacts list, then as a result ceasing contact with me.

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