As the Beatles said: “All you need is love…”


August has turned out to be quite an eventful month, however, the weather has continued to be pretty awful. In fact this is the first Summer I’ve known like this in France, a common occurance back home…

On Thursday 2nd August, Colin & Lorna arrived here in the evening on their trusty Goldwing. I felt so proud that they’d made the trip from the UK – an awful long way for a motorbike, and it was wonderful to see some people from Leicester here for the first time in the 10 years I’ve been in France.

Perhaps I’ve known it all along, but I realise that the both of them are amongst the kindest people I’ve ever met. They bought presents for Isa and Rémy and I was treated to a MASSIVE box of English food goodies – biscuits, several sorts of Bisto and stacks of Fray Bentos tinned pies – we were certainly not expecting all of that.

It was a pleasure to have them around – and watch their faces as they got used to the French food and drink we served them with. They seemed so overwhelmed and impressed with everything they saw here, whereas I now take it all for granted.

Goldwing meets CPIAside from coming to see us, they were here as Colin wanted to propose to Lorna for their wedding due to take place next March. More importantly he wanted to do it in front of the Eiffel Tower – and have us with them when he did it. Luckily, aside from one day, their time was marked with glorious sunny weather – so we all piled into our car with Rémy too and headed for Paris. Colin was feeling pretty nervous about it – even if Lorna knew what was going to happen. Luckily we found a parking space, and despite some idiot photographers hassling us to take our photo (they all seemed to be equipped with ancient 1970’s Polaroid cameras) we found a nice space in Champs de Mars for Colin to go down on one knee. Of course I had to be the official photographer for them…

On the Sunday Bernadette and Delphine joined us, and we had a BBQ. Bernadette had bought Rémy a plum tree sapling a few weeks ago – which Colin, Lorna and me planted before she arrived. In a few years we’ll be able to make some nice plum jam…

All you need is LOVE!

Colin & Lorna with Thumpah, Delphine & Tata Bernadette (with Rémy)

Thanks to Colin for planting Rémy's tree. Here he is with Thumpah, Lorna and me.

Tata Bernadette with Rémy’s tree.Colin and Lorna left us on Tuesday morning for their trip back to the UK via Calais for the usual stock up and an overnight stay in Kent.

Thursday Tata Catherine and Tonton Didier came to spend the day with us – they are enjoying their few weeks without kids as they are all away for one reason or another. They were able to spoil Rémy while they were here, change him and feed him.

Catherine & Didier with Rémy
Rémy on the Goldwing

This weekend is going to be a busy one in preparation for our trip to the UK. Yesterday we tidied the garden and mowed the lawns, including that at my PIL’s place  – nothing worse than coming back from a holiday to an unkempt garden.

Today we start to pack, I have to clean the inside of the car then we’ll have to go to Elephant Bleu to wash the outside – passing at the garage on the way to pump up the tyres. We’ll have other verifications on the car to check.

Our ferry from Boulogne sur Mer is at 9.50am on Wednesday morning – which means an overnight trip. We intend meeting up with a few friends, old and new while in Leicester and then driving on to see John and Shirley in North Wales on the 25th. Return trip to Dover will be on the 29th – and within a few short days I’ll be a stay at home Daddy…

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