Back to bedlam

Today, just for a change it rained much of the day. Clearing out the sheds at my Mums became a bit annoying because I had to break down about 5 old dining room chairs.
Those along with a few other things need taking down the tip. We’ll see if we can do that before we go back to France.Meanwhile, also in the shed was an old sofa bed made from pine wood – the sorts with slats and a futon stuck over the top. The futon had long gone, but we decided to put the sofa bed in her bedroom. In fact my Mum hasn’t had a proper bed for a while, and has been sleeping in her living room on a sofa. Her choice not ours – and no amount of persuading her to sleep in her bedroom has worked.
Her bed is now a mattress with an airbed on top – which she decided to do because her old bed was on it’s last legs. So that’s what we’ve been sleeping on while we are here – the air bed playing havoc with my back.

So with the old sofa bed cleaned down and installed in her bedroom, and the mattress put on top – it’s more like a proper bed and a lot more comfortable for one thing.

Tomorrow we’ve invited my Grandma, Uncle (Mum’s brother) and my Mum to go
down to a local pub called The Red Cow over in Leicester Forest East, for Sunday
lunch. Will be interesting to see if my Mum comes with us. Rémy will be 3 months old!

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