Down the pub

The Sunday dinner down the Red Cow was lovely, washed down (for me) with a pint of John Smiths.

After the meal we spent the afternoon with my Grandma and Uncle. Isa repairing the upholstry on an armchair at my Grandma’s while I set up some address lables on my Uncles computer. As I was on his PC I was able to set up my Skype phone so we could call MIL and SIL back in France. MIL is in Brantôme at the moment and SIL is looking after Chipie.

I also put my Mac LCIII up for sale on Ebay, I will have to go and visit my Grandma later and also see how the auction is progressing.

We also stayed for tea (as in food) with them and gallons of tea (the liquid variety) throughout the afternoon – something that I’m no longer in the habit of doing. Also got stuck in the middle of family politics, always the case considering that my Grandma had 10 kids including my Mum!

Rémy has been as good as gold all the time we’ve been over here. He fell asleep with his Great Grandma, she proved that she hadn’t lost her touch with babies at 82 years old.

Yesterday we went to see our friends Colin (aka Dizzydog) and Lorna, who came to see us in Fontenay a few weeks ago. They are now living in Ibstock near Coalville – in north west Leicestershire. To get there we had to drive along part of the route my old school bus used to take to go to college. We went past the college and into the nearby village of Desford. Lots of memories flooded back and the area has seen a few changes over the last 20 years since I left. Mostly a couple of new housing estates and a few mini roudabouts (they seem to be sprouting up everywhere here!). Bosworth College where I used to go, in now all fenced off – that looks a bit strange now.

We spent a lovely day with Colin and Lorna at their place – a lovely bungalow in a really quiet cul de sac with views of the surrounding countryside. They invited us out to a pub in Ashby de la Zouch, where we had a wonderful meal (gammon steak chips and another pint of John Smiths). Then later on a buffet tea which we ate outside in the garden with a few glasses of Libfraumilch. Colin got a fire heater going to keep us warm, as although it was sunny yesterday it was also very breezy. Rémy has a special Aunt and Uncle there – Lorna was brilliant with him. Hopefully they will come over to France next year as they want to be able to have more time to explore Paris further. In a few days they leave for Slovenia on their trusty Honda Goldwing – hopefully they’ll have a safe trip down. It’ll be a very long one for them both.

Today we are going into town to wander around and do some shopping. A new Skype phone for my Uncle so we can stay in touch and some saucepans for my Mum. We’re also getting Rémy a toy for when he is slightly older, which has at least some English speech so we can continue with his bi-lingual education. For all those bits we’ll probably go to Argos. Looking forward to taking a few photos of Rémy in his ‘other’ home town.

Tomorrow we’ll probably have to take a trip down the tip with some stuff from my Mum’s shed. But hope to also go up to Bradgate Park if the weather is OK. It’s been unbelievably cold here for August.

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