Christmas already(?)

Over 3 months later I’m still here… but I just don’t seem to have gotten round to keeping my blog updated. Mind you, when you have someone say to you directly that they find your blog dull you really do wonder why they actually read it!

Well… brace yourself for more dull-ness if that’s your thing. Just my mundane chunterings, tha norrzz.

Our Summer holiday seems an age away now – and our latter few days with John & Shirley almost like a distant dream. But we won’t forget how much they spoiled us while we were there and as always it’s great to hear from them via email from time to time.

So Daddy at home… over 3 months later I feel that I’ve changed. The roller coaster ride of being a parent continues, and Rémy is growing bigger and bigger and getting more and more curious about things around him. Also, the whole thing is just like a real job – in that I have to organise and plan my day around Rémy and of course by the end of each week I’m near enough knackered. Thumpah does more than her share of feeding him in the morning before going to work, preparing food at the weekends and taking over from me then. He is finally at the stage where he’s eating meat and veg, albeit mushed.

My MIL Clairette has been a lifesaver, looking after him one or two afternoons a week, sometimes at short notice, so I can either just do something different or get on with other stuff that couldn’t get done with Rémy around.

What don’t I like about being a stay at home Dad?… To sum that up in a nutshell – isolation. Which is partly my fault as I never got a drivers license. So aside from our little walks around the village I am pretty much housebound. Which means that my only means of chatting with people is the internet, although I’ve been a bit disappointed by a handful of rather cruel people on here.

Talking of the internet, we finally got onto – and with the Free HD box have BBC Prime, World and nearly 500 other TV channels. The only snag for the moment is that the recording part of the box has a problem. Anything we record has a 10 to1 chance of being garbled. But it’s great to have some English telly finally.

Like everyone else, we’re slowly gearing up for Christmas and as usual running out of time. The cards are at least done and mostly sent and this year I just ordered stuff on Amazon for family back home, which saves some of the present wrapping and France to UK postage.

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