As Slade shouted… IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSSS….

Christmas Eve already… where has all the time gone? Rémy was 7 months on the 19th and before long we’ll be celebrating his 1st birthday!

The last few days have seen us bouncing around, finishing off preparations for the big C and seeing a few friends and Thumpah’s family. The house looks like a bombs hit it, but we just don’t care for now. On Saturday night we nearly got shot at in Rosny-sous-Bois on the way to Thumpah’s friend’s 40th. We arrived at the roundabout before our friends building and saw a large crowd of teenagers running towards us. One lifted his hand with what looked like a gun in his hand, two bangs and flashes, and we thought it was just a banger. They all ran off into one of the exits of the roundabout and we took a quick detour to avoid more of them coming from the direction we wanted to go in.

Needless to say, we had a lovely evening – 10 adults and 6 kids, a long apéro, tartiflette and a very rich chocolate cake from the local boulangerie. I allowed myself one glass of champagne – unfortunately this year I can’t drink so much as I’m on medication for my back, which locked last Wednesday night. Just through carrying Rémy around – Thursday and Friday were disrupted with Thumpah having to take some time off work and her Mum stepping in so Rémy could be looked after. I saw the Doc on Friday and was ordered to rest my back.

Even so, I’m no longer in any pain, just mild discomfort. So have been carrying Rémy anyway – well, I can’t sit there and do nothing. No doubt I’ll regret that after Christmas.

So last night we celebrated Thumpah’s brother’s birthday, tonight it’s the réveillon with her family minus one BIL and tomorrow it’s an apéro chez l’autre beau frère. So on this very cold Christmas Eve, we wish the 10 people who read this blog each day, an enjoyable Christmas… don’t drink too much!

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