Towards 2008

Actually wrote the title last night and then didn’t get any further, so now it’s already 2008 and into the afternoon of the first day (I woke up very late). In exactly 2 weeks time I’ll be 38 and Rémy will fête his first”Santa” the day after… yes Saint Rémy is the day after my birthday… what a co-incidence!

So bleary-eyed, the first day of 2008 looks decidedly dull… but as we got our “new” pushchair (one of those 3 wheeled all-terrain affairs) from Thumpah’s brother and SIL just before Christmas, we plan on going for a little balade this afternoon.

As for the celebrations themselves… well, I can’t hide the fact that I was disappointed. We had a lovely meal with Thumpah’s family – that was the good part – as usual too much to eat, plus I was recovering from a locked back still. Our 18 year old nephew Florent gave us the most generous present of all… the flu!

Mind you, it took a few days to take hold – and unfortunately Isa had to go into work the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Christmas week, although in the end my MIL ended up looking after Rémy for most of Thursday because I felt so ill. Then Thumpah took a sickie on the Friday.

For the 31st we were planning on inviting a few people round for an “80’s night”, but in the end decided to cancel. Campbell was due to visit with his girlfriend Marie-Laure from Epinal, but as she is 6 months pregnant the last thing we wanted to give them was the flu. Then our friend Dominique in Paris came down with it, so he couldn’t come anyway and Thumpah generously passed it on to her colleague Karine so she couldn’t come either. Half of my in laws were all suffering away over the festive period, with the local GP saying that we weren’t the only ones, there’s a flu epidemic hereabouts.

We both go back to work tomorrow, and aside from coughing my lungs up occasionally I’m about back in the land of the living. Wish I could say the same for Thumpah, but I can’t. She was still a bit out of it last night and has lost her voice, but she made the evening a lot better for us by preparing a nice apéro, fondue (with charcuterie, PDT & cornichons) and dessert.

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