New Years Day 2008

Yes, I should know better… nearly 1am and I should really be in bed. But I was busy catching up with messages and have spent most of this evening uploading 116 photos from the festive period to Flickr – then putting them into order. Oh and Thumpah was given the runaround from Rémy as he didn’t want to sleep, or rather his coughing stopped him sleeping – we had fun wiping up baby sick just after dinner… what fun!

After Rémy’s nap this afternoon, we ventured out for a little walk along the cycle path leading out of the village. Time to try out our new super-duper pushchair. There was the impression we have power steering, ABS and air suspension on it – of course I’m too technically minded. But it was a pleasure to push – more than the pram or the average shopping trolley that pulls to the left.

It was a short walk as it was really very cold – perhaps because the sun came out. We went as far as the stad, then on the way back bumped into MIL and our niece (and the only cousin near Rémy’s age group… she’s 5) Amélie. Before trapsing home we had a coffee (me) tizane (Thumpah) with my beau parents and Amélie before we headed home and the fun and games of an evening chez Nelson-Briant.

With that – I’m fit to drop… bed!

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