No not me, of course – but someone originally from Leicester who has single-handedly pissed off people on my expat group. This all started from willing to help this individual who met a French woman, as mentioned in a certain place and on a certain date – but neglected to ask her her name or where in France she was from.

The only thing I could suggest, was that he place an announcement on various French sites or magazines/newspapers – some suggested by myself and others by members of my group. I even translated his announcement into French for him so he could just cut and paste it wherever.

That was a couple of months ago – since then I’d not heard a peep until this individual started renewing his search on the group. I just pointed out to him earlier, that the only way we could help would be to provide outlets for his announcement, and that we couldn’t see how we could help any further, then wished him luck with his search.

This was seen as a brush off by myself – which of course it wasn’t intended to be.

In short – I am always asking myself why I should continue to run my expat group, when over the last few months there have been a select few who become disgruntled because we can’t hand what they want to them on a plate. Like those who assume that if they just read messages or even post one message then promptly leave, we can come back with everything they need to know at the drop of a hat. I for one can testify that neither the net nor an expat life in France actually works like that.

The upshot of this is that I am considering setting up a PHP forum to replace the group, so that this can be seperated into rooms – by subject and perhaps one for pure waffle.

In fact, the only reason I’ve not given up the ghost, is due to those kind people on the group who have given us support.

This morning I woke up to a dicky keyboard – so am using a very bad chunky replacement I bought for 10 Euros last year. Methinks that Rémy was hitting my other keyboard too much and killed it.

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  1. Hi

    I’m sorry you couldn’t help this lovelorn Brit!

    Is your good lady’s nickname “Thumpah”? Why?

    Rémy hits your keyboard? You’re lucky – my cat Ispice (that’s short for “Ispice di Counnasse” from “Les Guignols”) parades her five kilos across mine on a regular basis.

    Having said that, my worst IT disaster was when I upset a glass of white wine into my laptop. All the middle keys got kind of stuck together – it’s OK now though.


  2. I don’t think the love-lorn Brit can help himself, Micheline.

    My better half is called Thumpah, yes, but I’m not sure I should explain why on here. I’ll leave you all guessing 🙂

    Rémy hit my keyboard just twice – it’s one of those slimline ones (unlike it’s owner) so I guess it must be fragile. I had only had it about 6 months or so…

    Sorry I didn’t OK your comment straight away, I never received notification from the blog provider and just happened to see you’d written something when I went into the blog set up to do something else.

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