Wotcha back and a funny thing happened on the way to the…

It looks like the idiots on the net keep on a-coming… after yesterdays clown I’ve now had some weird woman planning to come and live in France, rubbishing my expat group on another group. All because said person wrote a message on my group then promptly left after a few days because nobody replied. They then wrote on the other group that they’d been snubbed on mine – which was wholly untrue.

At the time she posted on my group, in early December – we were offline awaiting our Freebox and beginning Christmas preparations for stuff to be sent to family and friends in the UK. Anyway I explained to this person that I also post things on groups that never get replies – so what? It happens. It might be that everyone else is busy or just not interested in what has been posted. It happens a lot on the net… I’m sure you all know that.

Of course I had to say something to her off group – I wish I hadn’t… It seems this person says that those on the “other group” agreed that my group is a pile of crap, when in fact the reality paints a different picture. Those who replied to her shit stirring agreed that if she felt she had been snubbed after no one replied to her message on my group, God knows how she’ll cope with living in France!

 I rest my case.

Yesterday afternoon, in between dealing with Rémy’s little frustrations (he must be getting like his Dad everyday) I created a new phpBB forum at my site, Essonne Image. The idea is to provide a non-email forum sorted into “rooms” relevant to those wanting to live or already living in France. Basically something more organised than the chaos of my Yahoo Group – with the flood of messages into everyones email boxes.

It’s an alternative. You can find the forum here (direct link – although you can also access it from my Essonne Image site.).

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