Brandade de Morue

We are at the experimenting stage with Rémy and food. Yesterday I fed him some left over Brandade, and he just couldn’t get enough! Grabbing hold of the spoon (and the bowl). Over the last few days I’ve noticed that he’s getting quite a sense of humour. Sometimes I mess about or tease him and he just laughs – or grins then shouts as if to say “Stop Dad, you are being silly”. He’s turning out to be a really cute little guy and my Fatherhood bonds are really starting to come along finally.

Thumpah tried him on the lentils, from a petit salé she had made the other day,  last night – and he seems to love those too.

The last week I’ve still been in the wars with the left overs of my flu following Christmas. Thumpah is still coughing and I’m feeling pretty achey, particularly when I cough and get a pain in my side. I also put my shoulder out pulling Chipie along when I took her and Rémy for a walk to Parc Villeroy in Mennecy on Monday. On the way back Chipie put on her brakes – and I had to pull on her lead to get her to move! Anyone who has juggled with a push chair and 27kg of dog on a lead would know what I’m talking about here.

The photos from my jaunt got lost off my card somehow. All I did was plug in the card reader to download them. They showed up, but then the icon showing that my memory card was being read just disappeared off the desktop. When I plugged in the reader again, nothing. Then I tried the card in the camera – and on the screen it came up as memory card empty! Thankfully there were only 10 or so photos, although it’s a pity to lose photos of Rémy’s first visit to Parc Villeroy on a lovely sunny day, I can always go again. Perhaps not today as it’s raining.

On Monday evening I took the decision to move both my expat groups from Yahoo Groups to a purpose built forum on my Essonne Image site. Surprisingly this move brought out the handful of non genuine people out of the wood work, including someone I counted on as a friend. Pity. However, overwhelmingly, it also brought out some great people from under their stones. There was plenty of encouragement along with offers of help.

So from making quite a drastic decision which I was a bit iffy about, I finally realise that this was a good one and that I really don’t give a stuff about all the negativeness that has gone on over the last month or so on my group.

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  1. Bonne Annee!

    I can’t believe Remy is so big already. Before you know it he’ll be running around and speaking French and English! Any signs yet of which language he prefers or which one he understands better?

    I’ll have my own bilingual baby in about a week and a half now….

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