Spot the Braunstonian! (Photo taken at the Bosworth College 6th form party 1987)

The “magic number”. On Saturday we celebrated my birthday along with the daughter of some friends who were there with us. Sandra was 11 on the 12th. My actual birthday was on Monday. A bit of an anti-climax on the day itself, as aside from my MIL coming to visit briefly to bring me a present, I was alone with Rémy. But Thumpah lifted my spirits in the evening by preparing some foie gras with confiture d’oignon followed by a Pataks curry.

Saturday night itself was brilliant. After worrying about what a silly idea an “80’s themed night” would be, I needn’t have been worried. After spending all Friday preparing our dining room and also the music to be played (which took most of the time), everyone came in their 80’s garb and after the buffet Thumpah had slaved over – we all danced. Admittedly we danced sporadically because none of us seemed to have the same stamina we had when we all used to go to the “boite” as teenagers. I for one found I was knackered the following day.

I was spoiled rotten, not only by the company, but also by the gifts I had. Everyone had contributed to a 500Gb external drive, which now sits in our living room plugged into the Freebox. The idea being that I can put loads of UK comedy TV series and English kiddies programmes on it.

 To add to my collection I had a model Dyane camionette. A CD by a band called Tryo (that I do not know yet), a lovely frame with 5 bus photos that my friend Catherine had taken for me in various countries she has visted over the years (she has given me other photos I can swap and change) and also some flipflops and swimming trunks for when we take Rémy to the “bébé nageurs”.

Rémy was looked after by MIL on Friday so I could prepare things and also on the Saturday night so that he wouldn’t be too disturbed by everyone and the loud music (yes, had loud music even on my PC’s speakers! Amarok on Linux is such a wonderful thing). He stayed with everyone till 9pm, though, so that Serge & Valérie could see him for the first time.

 Yesterday we were in Paris, as we had to go and pick up our friend Bernadette from Hôpital Pompidou. She’s with me today as well. We stopped off to see my friend Pascal in the 13e for cake and drinks. He also had a birthday card for me with a couple of gift vouchers (as I said, I’m spoilt). Today is lovely and sunny, better than the last couple of days of high winds and rain. Yesterday was particularly bad. Hopefully later one once Rémy and Bernadette have woken up we’ll venture out for a little walk.

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