Rémy and rain…

Sssssh… Rémy is asleep. For some reason he is sleeping more in the morning than in the afternoon, but that gives me a few minutes to sit and write my blog. Unfortunately I’m going to have to go and wake him up for his wash/change/feed at this rate. Something I don’t like doing very much, as sometimes it can be a challenge to get him settled down later on.

As I said yesterday, we went to go and see Pascal in Paree on Tuesday so here’s a couple of photos…

Yesterday Bernadette and I took Rémy for a walk, it was the first time I used the hood on his “all terrain” push chair – it was spotting when we left for a wander around the village, then we got drenched coming back. Our trip took in a new housing estate which is more or less complete with two houses being worked on still. These are BIG houses.I’d wanted to see if the UK buses were still parked up at the other end of the village but it seems either they had gone or were out working with their French owner.

SIL Martine came round with Amélie last night to bring me a birthday present, a cardi, and also Rémy a card made by 5 year old Amélie. It seems they are getting on fine as cousins, and Rémy even interacts with her now. They also brought a high chair for Rémy, which Amélie had used when she was a baby. So no more balancing Rémy on a cushion on the sofa to feed him (and maybe much better for my back).A few days ago I joined a group called PAF “Pères au Foyer” – a French site/group for Dad’s at home with their kids. I’m amazed! Given the reaction of most here to Dad’s who stay at home to look after their kids.

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  1. yo m8,

    hmm typical french lotisment that eh,
    dads that stay home to look after the kids lucky guys no, not missing out on every instant of thier kids growing up, i’m all for it but don’t think all the wives would be lol, John you lucky guy …

    see ya m8 the smegger

  2. That’s a brand new lotissment – nice big houses and not like those in our street which are more “normal” sized. In these times I don’t know how people find the money to pay for houses like that.

    We are lucky that Isa has a great job, colleagues are wonderful and her boss is flexible if she needs to take time off for Rémy. Although she did have to take a couple of mornings off in December because my back went.

    I suppose I am lucky too that I get to see my son grow up, but believe me, being a stay at home Dad is no walkover.

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