“I’m walking backwards for Christmas…”

Don’t you ever get that feeling that during a weekend, there is one day where there seemed to have been a worm hole in the time space continuem? For me that was Saturday – I have a job remembering what we actually did!

Well not that much – we went for a walk to Parc Villeroy all together as a family. It’s a longish walk, was muddy in the park and windy on the way back. We were supposed to have gone to the bébé nageurs at the swimming pool next to the park, that morning. But Thumpah discovered that on Friday night, when she went to pay for the subscription, the pool was closed for a week whilst works to make lights and ceiling tiles safe is carried out.

Brilliant – we could have gotten electricuted on Rémys first visit.

It may have been a bit of a time warp on the day, but it was significant as Rémy celebrated 8 months already.

On Sunday we had the company of Ewa and Adam, our Polish friends who came over from Yvelines. It was a lovely afternoon and Thumpah again slaved over a hot stove to serve us with grillades, green beans with tomato and onion and mashed potato. With a pâté from Brantôme for starters and a mini Brie followed by apple sponge and custard for afters.

Our friends also enjoyed holding Rémy and chatting about parenthood amongst other things. We were also very spoiled as they gave us a digital display frame, with which we can display photos of Rémy from the 1Gb SD memory card which usually sits in my mobile.

Over the last few days Rémy has started to show a bit of “attitude”, in becoming occasionally difficult particularly if Maman goes away. Given that he’s with me most of the time that’s understandable. He threw a bit of a tantrum this morning as I layered him up ready to go for a walk.

This evening I put him in his trotteur and despite the fact he still goes backwards, he does go off to explore everywhere he can. Which means we’ve had to remove all the keys from the sideboard in the dining room and have to try and keep him from pulling the telephone cord and the table cloth.

He’s doing well.

Well it’s past midnight here – we were disturbed 30 minutes ago by a lorry delivering fioul to a house on the lane behind our place. Must have been an urgent delivery, but not really the time to make so much racket!

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