This town… is turning into a ghost town…

On Tuesday afternoon me and Rémy went out for a jaunt to the junction with the local RN, about 1.5km away. There at the roundabout, for the last few days has been a VW Sharon people mover parked on the cycle path. It’s all gleamy gleamy with tyre black and everything – apparently from the notices in the windows it’s for sale.

Now anyone leaving a car unattended with for sale notices in the windows is looking for trouble. Even round here I would expect it to get vandalised in no time.

So as we were walking towards the roundabout yesterday, the car was surrounded by two other cars from the Gendarmerie – two gendarmes were out looking through the windows then they got back in their cars and drove off towards the village.

Mind you – following the maire getting attacked by a youth last year, then him having a molotov cocktail thrown at the gate in front of his house, then another thrown at the RER at the local level crossing (causing chaos on RER D for the afternoon), not to mention a deputy maire having his car stolen around the same time; we’ve seen vehicles from the local Gendarmerie patrol every now and again – something we never had before.

Things were a lot more mundane this morning on our walk to the park. I had wanted to wander to the village church to take some photos but the weather is just too dull today for that. So after most of this week walking around the village (I’m trying to walk for 45 mins for and hour each day with Rémy), I decided to go to the local park. As usual didn’t see many people wandering around – I could perhaps count them on one hand.

As I was nearing the limits of the village someone stopped in a car to ask for directions to the Post Office in Fontenay. Almost amusing really as we don’t have one. But I directed him to the nearest in Mennecy further along the RN.

Upon arriving at the park il y avait PERSONNE – no one at all in there. We wandered all the way down the main avenue lined either side with American redwoods (quite a long walk) and then back to the gates, where we encountered ONE person jogging and then back home. As usual it was very muddy and later on I’ll have to go and clean the wheels on the pushchair. Maybe I should find a new name for it, as “pushchair” sounds so boring!

Over the last few days I’ve joined a few expat forums – you can find them here.

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