Les soldes and siege bébé

On Friday Thumpah took the day off so that we could leave Rémy with his Mamie and do the sales and get some groceries in. So we headed off to Villabé then La Croix Blanche taking in IKEA, Leroy Merlin, 4 Murs, Kiabi, Conforama, BUT and Auchan. But in the end we didn’t have the time to get the groceries bought and so Thumpah did those on Saturday morning.

So now we have all the paper and lights for our bedroom, for when we start decorating. The border for Rémy’s room and a few other bits and pieces including a novel door draught excluder which slides under the door.

At Kiabi we stocked up in clothes. I bought no less than 5 pairs of jeans, 4 of them for 10€ each, a couple of polo shirts, socks, underwear and a jacket. The nice thing is that I had a couple of bons d’achat and Thumpah had a lot more from the company she works for, so with everything we bought we only paid 50% of the cost. Much of it was already at prix de soldes.

After galavanting around spending we popped into Conforama and then BUT searching for a new sofa. We had planned to get an angled one for the sitting room, but as this room is quite small and narrow we realised that this sort of sofa would be a bit of a tight squeeze. In BUT we fell in love with a 3 seater which has two reclining seats complete with foot rests at either end. After measuring up we’ve decided to buy one.

In IKEA as well as buying the lamps we looked at the TV tables for the sitting room too. Looks like we are going to have a big move around in there – all the better because we need more room in there now Rémy is getting to move around in his baby trotter.

At Auchan we bought a new baby seat for Rémy – a real “grown up” one – which should last him until he is near enough 4 years old (or 18kg whichever comes first!). This one is the bees knees it even swivels round. This afternoon I spent about an hour or so installing it, which wasn’t so easy. Luckily Rémy didn’t hear his Daddies expletives as he was ready to throw the seat out of the car and over the garden hedge!

The bloody instructions were not at all clear, with postage stamp sized photos showing what should go where and then the seat wouldn’t swivel at all because it was too tight against the back of the car seat.
With some cussing and swearing I managed to get it to work as it should. The most important thing though, was that the seat was solidly fixed in. Rémy was plonked into it, just to try it out but we’ve not travelled anywhere with him in it yet.

Last night Thumpah’s family arranged a get together on the occasion of her cousin paying a visit with her husband and family to PIL’s place. Apparently it was a cousin who the family didn’t see very often – so the evening was spent looking at childhood photos and eating and drinking as much as possible. A French celebration quoi!

Aside from the baby seat, Rémy has started eating food by himself and surprisingly doesn’t make too much of a mess. Though I’m not saying he doesn’t drop a crumb, and we have to keep an eye on him because there’s always a bit of biscuit mushed up in his hand which he never manages to eat! But it’s yet another big event. Another one is that his second tooth is making an appearance already. His first one is already a good way out – which means we have to be very careful when putting a finger in his mouth… OUCH!

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