Drunken waving

Over the last few days there has been a marked change in Rémy. He is finally starting to communicate – pushing his bottle away when he has had enough or just making a noise as if to say “stop” when I wind him up.

Today he has spent a while in his baby walker – and although he looks like he is drunk most of the time when in it, he stands up and is even “trying” to walk forwards. You can see that he wants to do that, but he hasn’t quite got the right balance to do so. He has made a couple of steps though. We’re also having to keep an eye on him as there are cords, drawers and corners of table cloths that he enjoys pulling.

This evening we were really surprised though. As usual I waved night-night to him (1st of 2 attempts to put him to bed) – and he started waving back. We were over the moon to see that. He probably doesn’t understand what he was doing, but it looked so cute.

The second tooth is coming through now – I think it’s a canine, Thumpah doesn’t.

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