I’m not doing anything naughty… honest!

Yesterday we went for our usual little walk, but this time we went around the centre of the village, rather than out towards Mennecy and back again. The first problem was getting around the pavements, park cars and lamp posts with Rémy’s push chair. Plus I had Chipie with me as well. She is now tone deaf and starting to go blind – so can slam her “brakes” on whenever we cross over roads, walk the wrong way past lampposts, also towards the end of the walk as she starts to get tired. She’ll be 15 this year.

Last night Rémy had a little wander in his baby walker – he is starting to go forwards rather than backwards now, but not very far. But now he seems to go where he wants, rather than just going somewhere by pure accident. He is starting to get interested in things around him (eek!) and last night we had to take a metal key from the sideboard door off of him…

Today Rémy is with his Mamie & Papy – so I’ve had the time to write this, but now I have to go and do something else…

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  1. Rémy was 8 months on the 19th January. He’s turning out to be a big lad, so I suppose that’s why we put him in his trotter. He seems perfectly happy about it, and wanders around mostly backwards.

    He’s got to the stage now where he goes where he wants and is starting to take a couple of steps forwards. Funnily enough he shows absolutely no interest in crawling.

    Bon dimanche!

  2. Bonjour, merci pour ton passage sur mon blog sur Evry, je connais un peu Fontenay le vicomte, car mon frere habite a cote, dans le village de Chevanes. Dans l’année je compte faire une serie de photo sur cette partie de l’essonne.
    Ton bebe est tres joli.

  3. Merci pour le commentaire sur mon blog, Olivier. Oui je connais Chevannes, notre médcin est à Champcueil qui est à côté.

    Il y a des jolis coins par ici, mais c’est bien paumé. Pas comme ma ville en angleterre. 😉

    Mon fils est sympa par fois mais en ce moment il cherche un peu son charactaire. Il vient d’avoir 9 mois le 19.

    Je connais un peu Evry. On travaillait sur rue Montespan et on a une amie qui habite aux Pyramides. Ca craint un peu là bas! Mon beau père habitait dans le village il y a un époque.

    Bon faut aller manger avant que le petit monstre se reveille…

    Bon aprèm,


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