Before and after the newsletter

After the hurried previous entry for the Newsletter, I can finally sit and write a “proper” entry. I would have liked to enclose some photos with this post but it seems Flickr is playing up. Well, half of my photos have gone “missing” there.

Over the last few weeks, aside from looking after my little monster (who turned 9 months 6 days ago) we’ve been busy upgrading our sitting room with some new furniture. So now we have a lovely new sofa from BUT – complete with the end seats that recline with a foot rest (it’s a 3 seater). We did quite well really, as the promised date of when the sofa was available was put off then at the last minute it was back on again. In the end Thumpah pointed out to the salesman that we’d already reserved a van to come and pick it up but had then had to cancel (in fact it was her works van – which we could have probably had anyway). BUT offered us an hours free use of one of their vans so we just had time to bring the sofa back, take some stuff down the tip in it and then dash back to the shop. We where 10 minutes late but they were luckily quite flexible. Each additional 30 minutes was charged at 10 Euros.

We then went to IKEA and bought a new TV unit and a tall narrow CD shelf (we plan on buying others eventually). So I had fun assembling those. The TV unit has glass fronted doors – but I’ve had to put an additional lock on them so that Rémy doesn’t pull the doors apart. This weekend we put the old sideboard the TV was on previously, downstairs in the sous sol.

Rémy-wise, he is becoming more and more like a little naughty boy but he’s always laughing. There are days when I’d rather be doing something else than looking after him because he has tried to throw himself off the changing table or just doesn’t want to sleep his sieste. But he only has to give me a big smile and I soon change my mind. 🙂 He is getting his character now – and seems to have a good sense of humour when I play with him. I just love it when he laughs. He has his 3 teeth well out now – which gives him a bit of a Dracula look.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a phpBB forum for my expat group. But it was proving rather a hassle so I’ve decided to move everything to a new location at Jiglu. The next thing to do is really go to town on my site. It’s looking a bit empty at the moment, but I have lots of ideas already…

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  1. Flickr, monster, IKEA & iglu – how much can a man take….you have been busy!
    I know what you mean about throwing himself off the changing table Manon Lily ended up the wrong way round with one leg out of her Transat yesterday….whatever next! I’m still waiting for teeth though……does he munch loads?

    OK – now I have added you to my blogroll you better watch out as you may just end up being tagged every now & again… if you haven’t enough to do!

  2. I’ve been having a bit of a Jiglu LOL

    During the week I’m busyish, but all in one place. Then the weekends we tend to be busy all over really. That’s what comes with living in a small village with no transport (well I have a scooter, but 9 month old babies don’t tend to work very well with those), and very little public transport.

    Rémy is quite strong really – it takes quite a wrench to get him to leave the telephone cable alone. He frequently turns sideways in his transat to get a better look at something, so we really have to tighten up the strap to stop him falling out. He’s nosey anyway – and comical. I was on the phone the other day and I could see his face peaking around the arch into the kitchen at me with a surprised expression. He was in his high chair behind the wall.

    We give him things like finger Madelenes or those finger biscuits you use in trifles – light sugar coated things – can’t remember the proper name for them. He munches a bit on those, but is always left with a sodden mess in his mitt that we end up giving to the dog!
    But those teeth of his are razor sharp, have to be careful when I put some Dolodent on his gums.

    Thanks for the addition to your Blogroll. Sitting on here gives me something different to do, other than pandering to the whims of my little monster. I’m chatting to my girlfriend via Gtalk at the moment about a new washing machine. Our’s has started leaking and the baby washing is piling up… We can still do the some but end up with a little puddle on the floor of the sous sol, which is gradually getting bigger the more we use the machine…

  3. Ooooh I like dark colours. When I studied graphic design back in Leicester at the end of the 80’s I used to do my designs in primary colours mainly yet always dressed in browns, greens and the occasional beige.

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