No more photos

I feel like my right arm has been cut off! The “long life” hahaha(!) lithium battery in my digital camera has died. Until I can get a new one there’ll be no more digital photos (blub). As the camera is a Sony one, of course it can’t be any old battery… only one made by SONY. Grrr…

It was nice and dry today – so we went for a walk. Was feeling slightly wuzzy this morning after a couple of glasses of beer and two glasses of red wine last night. Campbell was visiting from Epinal so he came round to eat with us and left with a load of baby stuff we’re lending him and his girlfriend Marie-Laure. He’ll be going through what I did 9 months ago as he’s due to become a Daddy in April.

Rémy was in a screaming mood today – oddly enough in the park where he is usually quite calm. He really gave the impression to anyone within earshot, that someone was murdering him and given the empty erieness of the surrounding trees it could probably have happened *evil grin*

He can be cute… sometimes… 🙂

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  1. Have you tried using gemstones as a calming mechanism? I’m being serious…..Manon Lily wears amber, it has wonderful properties….having said that it’s good to have a shout. Why don’t you do the same next time?
    Bon weekend

  2. Hi Kylee,

    Yes he already has an amber stone necklace (my MIL gave us it as she is really into homeopathic type remedies), which is supposed to be against the pain he has from teething. Although it helps to a certain extent with that, I still have to very occasionally give him baby Doliprane or rub Dolodent on his gums.

    As for shouting back at him – I do, do that occasionally – in the same manner that he does that to me (i.e. I’m not telling him off or anything). He appears to like seeing Daddy going slightly mad and sometimes it makes him laugh. 🙂

    Have to say though, he’s got a good voice now. Although he’s not like that all the time for the moment… time will tell.

    Bon fin après-midi


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