Tis late, nearly 1am so my typing is bound to be erratic.

My old colleague Christophe came round to see me and Rémy on Thursday last – was great to see him. He wanted me to help him sell some rare CD recordings of interviews by Queen, that he is reluctantly parting with. Like a lot of people out there, he has had serious problems finding work and is at the moment en interim. Added to which his parents have been in and out of hospital, so not brilliant. But we had a laugh – and he loved seeing Rémy. After making enquiries about the Queen CD’s it seems they don’t go for much on Ebay and I was advised on a collectors site that it would be best to keep hold of them, as they are deemed something that won’t fetch much. What a let down…

We’ve had quite a busy weekend which has flown by a lot quicker than we really wanted. Rémy is still at his screaming stage, and it seems over the weekend wanting to spend time with Maman. He screams when he is tired, when he is hungry and… when he is put on Daddy. In fact he pushes with his feet, legs, hands and feet to get off me! So, a bit frustrating I’m sure you’ll agree! Lets hope everything will be OK tomorrow when I take over in my usual role.

Friday, Thumpah took a day off so leaving Rémy with Mamie & Papy, we went shopping looking at new washing machines. Our first stop was Darty, where we found them a bit on the expensive side based on Thumpahs previous research at Planet Saturn & BUT. Still, we managed to order a new lithium battery for the camera which is a compatible – about roughly half the price of a Sony one at 29€. It’ll be posted to us.

So over to Planet Saturn to look at washing machines – we decided on one that was on promo for 299€, an Ariston. I also picked up a switcher box, so that we now have sound from our Freebox and DVD player feeding through our Hi-Fi.  Amazingly the sales person said we could have the washing machine delivered on Sunday! Quick eh?

Saturday was cleaning up day – I spent much of the afternoon locating boxes for the umpteen CD’s that have sat in the car for months. Then moving them over to our new CD rack and TV table. There really were that many! Had to do a lot of tidying away too, from the big move round in the living room over the last few weeks.

Sunday started off with cooking for Dominique and daughter Amélie, who came over for Sunday lunch and stayed on into early evening. Thumpah made a Galette des Rois and did some potatoes and haricot verts. I made an English chicken and veg pie with creamy parley sauce. It went down quite well with Dominique who is usually suspicious of “English cuisine”. I’m always referred to as “Mon rosbif preferé” – that fact I’m the only rosbif he knows doesn’t seem to matter. 🙂

The washing machine arrived just after we’d finished eating. The blokes managed to get it down into the basement OK but then found a filter unit was hanging off the bottom. I made a sortie into the garage to look for some small screws so they could reattach it – seems it hadn’t been assembled properly at the manufacturers. We then found the waste pipe was too short to go into the drain pipe. So we’ll have to get a new one – while they carted off our old dying 16 year old machine to take it to the great washing machine place in the sky. Sad really, it had served us well despite making nice puddles on the floor of the sous sol towards the end.

I took a few photos of my cooking efforts – which I’ll post next time. As the camera is hors service, they were taken with my mobile – getting photos off that is a bit too fiddling for me at 1.16am…

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  1. ooops
    where did that go?
    Also, where Gary is living in Kazakhstan, their washer has given up the ghost and they have had a new one delivered this week.
    Just keeping my fingers crossed that the one in Spain doesn;t hear the rumour!
    Angie x

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