I couldn’t sleep on Sunday evening, so at around 2am I do what I do usually when I can’t sleep: I go online. Checking my emails I had one from a friend who used to live in France. He had some very bad news for me. His wife had been murdered on the 7th April.

Well both Thumpah and I knew them as a couple, and saw them both from time to time when they lived here. Needless to say we were both in a lot of shock after hearing this terrible news, I really couldn’t sleep.

For the moment the whole thing is so surreal, it’s a feeling as if you don’t want to realise that what has happened is true. How someone could do such a thing to a person who was kindness itself really goes beyond belief.

I wrote with our condolences to our friend – feeling pretty useless and futile. I still feel useless, but what can you do? Of course, we have our young son to look after and that is one thing that dictates that life goes on. I’m almost sure that our friends wife would want things to be that way.

We will always remember her with great fondness – that I am sure of.

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  1. What a shame, John! So sad to hear that! Larry’s middle step-daughter was murdered by her, then 17 year old daughter, stabbed to death over 50 times three years ago. They have finally after all this time set a trial date of September 22nd. Our son called us up just sobbing yesterday to let us know about the date being set. It has been a long haul and he and his sister were very close.

    Again, I’m very sorry on your loss.



  2. It was a very big shock for us to hear the news – but we really cannot begin to relate what is going through her husbands mind, nor those of both of their families.

    I have started redirecting people to a news article where it seems everyone is leaving their condolences – a wonderful way of showing how much of an effect our friend had on our lives and on the lives of many others.

    I am so sorry to hear of your news too Lyn – it must be very devastating for you both. You are both so far away too.

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