Jobsworths, 2CV’s, May… For crying out loud and Flock…

Well these last few weeks have flown by – mainly with both of us feeling tired looking after Rémy or working on the garden during the recent spate of good weather we’ve been having. Mind you it has rained quite a lot and we even had some hail.

The garden work has mainly entailed bringing down a 4 metre high laurel hedge down to 2 metres – although on one Friday afternoon I covered about 6 metres of the 20 metre long hedge – the Saturday was spent taking all the cuttings down to the tip! 3 trips and some very awkward employees there made it difficult for us to get rid of just those cuttings. The jobsworths at the tip decided that they had to put a limit on us, at first because they hadn’t the drivers available to move the big bins there (they are more like large lorry containers without a top). Then by the last trip it was catagorically “no” we couldn’t leave our last load as they were full up. The main culprit was a young arab chap who seemed to enjoy just messing us about. In the end he said “Je vous donne une fleur” and let us through, only to find that the bin for the garden waste was EMPTY!

So we have the rest of the hedge to do, meantime the following day I mowed the lawns while the weather was holding up.

This last weekend, after the aforementioned hail and wotnot – Thumpah was on holiday. So we had from Thursday to Sunday together and frankly – Thursday, which was May Day in France we rested. Friday we saw the Doctor for Rémy, as he has had a bit of a cold, then in the afternoon we went for a walk to les marais (a conservation area) behind our village – and felt all the better for that.

Saturday we made one of our infrequent trips into Paris. My friend Pascal had told us a 2CV exhibition was on at parc des sciences next to Porte de la Villette to celebrate 60 years of that car. So as I’m a bit of a fan off we went to go and have a look. In the end it turned out to be a small exhibition – but the nice thing about the parc des sciences is that there are several other exhibitions on at the same time. We visited one next door to do with sound and then wandered around the grounds till it was time to go home. As we’d stopped to see Dominique in the 13th we didn’t get to the parc till around 4pm – this closed at 6pm and then we had some trouble trying to find access to the multistorey car park. Daft thing was, we could actually see our car from the outside.

Anyway the 2CV exhibition is on until November and well worth a visit, even if it was a bit small.

So May is now upon us – and Thumpah will be off for a week and a half as from Wednesday, when we will be redecorating our bedroom – we already have the paper etc, just a case of doing it. Lets hope that the weather stays nice and that we can commandeer my MIL to look after Rémy while we work.

On the PC side of things – I gave KDE 4 a try installed onto my existing Ubuntu set up. Although it’s a very impressive desktop it’s quite a dogs dinner. Getting things to work properly are hindered by the silly decision to include a beta version of Firefox 3 with the Ubuntu Hardy Heron distro. But with KDE 4 none of the Kipi Plugins nor Gwenrename work in Gwenview, added to that upon retro installing Firefox 2 non of the plug ins worked either!
In short what worked fine before now longer works at all.

So I went back to Gnome desktop, with pleasure. Although the mess with the Firefox versions has led me to install Flock which has been a blessing in disguise. Definately an improvement – due to all the functions, including a very useful photo upload menu and the fact I am typing this blog entry for WordPress within the Flock blog editor. Time will tell – but I’m so far quite pleased with it.

Well better bring this to a close – time to go and wake up the little monster, change him and get him fed.

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  1. Ah! The old 2CV……. That reminds me, I forgot to tell you That I have errected a Metal Shed on my Allotment John. See how easy it is to associate this particular car to a Nissan Hut. 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting Spectrum.

    Basically the workers at the local munipal dump were messing us about for no reason – I guess it must be some strange power trip they have there. So, rather than helping people wanting to get rid of rubbish and garden waste in the proper way they just make life difficult for them.

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