Lovely May

We’ve been blessed with some lovely weather the last couple of weeks, although last night it was very stormy and very cool today. A good time for that, as May it full of public holidays with many companies giving employees a “pont” as this year they fall on a Thursday – so Friday is given as a day off too.

So Thumpah has had two long weekends, and has also taken this week off so we can decorate our bedroom. That’s turning out to be an intesive project as we’ve only got this week and part of the weekend, with Doctors and Dentists appointments thrown in for good measure. Rémy has been able to stay with his Mamie off and on, though, so we’ve had time on our own to get cracking. Today Rémy is with us, so we can at least get some painting done while he is asleep.

It was Angies funeral last Friday, so we were both thinking of her and Gary at that time. Gary plans on setting up the Angela Mary foundation in her memory with the objective of caring for and educating some of the worlds poorest children in her name. Once they have a site up and running I will post the link.

This afternoon I have a dentists appointment, but we’ll have tomorrow to crack on with things. The weekend too, hopefully, although we have a birthday party to go to on Saturday evening in Courcouronnes.

News from back home hasn’t been so good. Apparently my Mum’s nurse has decided that she doesn’t want to continue with her home-visits anymore. From what I know (as my Mum never tells me anything), she hasn’t been answering her door when the nurse visits on a number of occasions now. That could either be down to the fact my Mum is slightly deaf or the medication she takes which sometimes makes her sleep during the day. I know that occasionally she won’t answer my calls for this reason.

I’ve left a message with my Uncle, who emailed me about this, but he is yet to get back to me.

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