La Loco

Sunburnt after the Locomotion en Fête.
Decorating of our bedroom is still on going, my BIL came round yesterday evening to fit the lights – finally it is starting to look like a bedroom again! It just seems that the last 3 or 4 weekends have been taken up with so many things that we’ve just not had the time to do much to our place, which is frustrating to say the least.

One of our weekends was taken up with the wedding of one of Thumpah’s colleagues. Was a nice day, although we felt a bit lost as we only knew two people there – I suppose that’s the way with weddings. For the meal in the evening we bought the folding cot with us for Rémy but he just didn’t want to sleep. So we ended up having to leave at 11pm. Celebrations went on to 4 in the morning apparently.
The following day, the Sunday, we went to the Locomotion en Fête [photos (c) John Nelson] – my yearly trip to drool over old cars and buses. Extra special as this was Rémy’s first visit to the event – he is finally old enough to understand things going on around him. He seemed more fascinated by the number of helicopters flying by than anything else!

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