Thought you could have a lie-in did you?

Our holiday is but a week away, so we’re busy organising things – especially for the first week as we’ll be on the road much of the time. Then there is the question of sorting through ours and Rémy’s things to see what we need to take – Rémy will probably take up more space in the car than the two of us!
Thumpah bought the new roof rack last week, to carry our roof box. Went to install it on the car on Saturday, then found the little bag of nuts and bolts had been opened and the special “security” allen key was missing.
Otherwise Saturday was busy… shopping for food, cutting one of the long hedges down our drive and one trip to the tip with all the cuttings. Our friend Bernadette came round later in the afternoon to look after Rémy and we were grateful to borrow her Kangoo.

Sunday was a lazy day, although we were still up around 7am. Spent most of the day sorting through photos and working on my site.

This morning (Monday) I woke up at about 5.50am – came on the computer to check messages, then thought “I could go and have a snooze till 7am”. Got to our room at the back of the house – Thumpah had just let Chipie out through the French windows and so we snuggled down for our “lie-in”. Meanwhile Chipie had made her way to the front of the house and was barking at the shuttered front (kitchen) door wanting to be let in!

Just as we said to each other “Elle est con”, Rémy started crying and so the day had to start and we had to get up… 🙁

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