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I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front lately – mainly because I’ve been working on a couple of jobs for the local Mairie, and still am in fact! On this nice Saturday evening I’m taking advantage of the fact that no more content is forthcoming from those at the Mairie and so am having a rest as I can’t really go that much further. Deadline is for Tuesday – so tomorrow and Monday will be hectic.
This last week has been annoying in the least, mostly because I didn’t start working until Thursday last, it should have been the Monday before that. So MIL has been looking after Rémy now and again on the off chance that either Mr le Mairie or Mr Maire Adjoint got in touch after my leaving them a frantic message on Tuesday. So we’re late…

While the PIL’s were looking after Rémy FIL pointed out to me that I should see if I was entitled to some allocations for looking after Rémy (in fact he started the conversation off with “you could get a part-time job so you can save for your retirement”) – in fact after Rémy was born we had to make a declaration to the Caisse Familiale to say I was going to be a Home Dad (they pestered us about that). Even so, we had no comeback about allocations and I suspect I’m not entitled to any.
FIL went on to tell me that he knows someone who is claiming the RMI, des allocations de logement and also working on the noir. I hope that wasn’t a hint to do the same!

Rémy has started choosing what foods he wants to eat at meal times. Not that he tells us beforehand you understand! He has gone from easy to please to bloody awkward. Whereas he ate what was put in front of him before, now he turns his nose up at his main meal yet eats cherry tomatoes and cheese until they come out of his ears!
In fact today he was taken to bed twice as punishment at lunch time because he became a bit violent trying to refuse something Thumpah was trying to feed him.

As I am a lazy so and so, from now on, I’m going to cease to use the catagories feature on this blog – but will add the tag words. Makes life much easier…

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