A decision

Today I came to a decision… yes, it happens…

I removed myself from Friends Reunited, the school reunion groups on Facebook and all people from my past who no longer stay in touch or remind me of painful things that have happened in the past. As I’ve had a lot of painful things in the past, it is perhaps for the best.

There are lots of people out there I currently count as friends – funnily enough the vast majority I have met since I moved to France.

Maybe it’s a bizarre thing to do, but I realise now that I should start thinking of the future and forget about the past. I have no room for non-genuine people who basically are just curious to see what we look like now – in short nosey – and have no interest to stay in touch with us as friends.

I know who my genuine friends are, and you know who you are too. 😉

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  1. I suppose it’s been festering for a while and I’ve not really had to courage to do something about it. I’m a friendly and sensitive bloke – I’d do anything to help my friends as they will readily tell you.

    But I realise that with perhaps two exceptions, those I knew when I lived in the UK have become more and more distant. As is the way, I’d like to stay in touch with them but they don’t seem to want to anymore. C’est la vie…

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