Doing the Lambeth Walk… Oi!

Well… not quite, but after my previous entry on the 23rd Rémy started walking long distances all by himself today. The first time, I didn’t believe it – that was when we came in from our morning walk, I put him down and off he went! From the dining room into the living room stopping at the sofa to bounce off it.

Then once Thumpah came home tonight, we tried again. He walked from one end of the dining room to the other all by himself, even turning round on his own to come back again without grabbing hold of something.

So we are both over the moon. The same can’t be said for how he is behaving sometimes. OK, he can be calm – but say no to him and he throws a tantrum about it. He is getting to the stage where he does this when I’m trying to dress him and now I behave even more like a clown to distract him… usually works.

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  1. Yay, Rémy! Go, go, go! Good job, little guy. 🙂

    Watch out, Mom and Dad. Now he’ll be unstoppable.

    Oh, and I’ll share a tip I got from an elementary teacher. It works great for putting on winter coats, mittens, button-front shirts, etc. I hold out Rowan’s coat, and put the end of the sleeve near my face and ask her if she can touch my nose. She loves it! One less scream is worth it…

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