We can teach those Frenchies how to have a burn-out…!

Bonfire Night: Rémy with Karine, Adam, Delphine, Ewa, Campbell, Marie-Laure, Julien, Dominique & Amélie, Bernadette, Thumpah, Frédéric
Bonfire Night: Amélie and "The Guy".
Bonfire Night: Our "Guy" goes up in flames...

Better late than never, much to the bemusement of our friends we held a Bonfire Night for the first time since moving to France, back in 1997. The French like to have a bit of a burn-out in July, whereas we pefer November 5th. Our event was on Saturday the 8th – a good night for it, damp, bloody cold and drizzle threatening to ruin things.

We were 20 odd, French in the main with two Poles and my fellow Brit friend Campbell. I noticed that he wiped his hands of the whole thing leaving me to answer some curious questions from our French chums. Of course they all knew Halloween but had never heard of Bonfire Night.

The day before, Friday, Thumpah and I had made a mad dash to the Epicerie Anglaise in Paris where we were able to find some English sausages to serve. We spent ages trying to find somewhere to park near to République and then got snarled up on the way back out of Paris as we went in search of some fireworks.

It was decided to hold the fire in the BBQ outside (just to avoid singed eyebrows and calling out the Sapeur Pompiers for any reason) – so a small guy was made and Amélie was able to do the head for it. I think she didn’t quite understand that we were going to burn it!

Didn’t take that long to let off the fireworks – one way for your money to go up in smoke I suppose, in the end there were no loud bangs and we had decided not to buy anything that jumped in the air too far. Always a danger of setting a few trees alight or damaging the telephone lines that follow the back of our garden.

A BIG thanks to Thumpah’s colleague Eric who did the honours with the pyrotechnics and the burning our “Guy”.

Bonfire Night: Eric the master of ceremonies.

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