Bobin’o and the rush…

It seems at this time of year everything gets bunched together – so much to do, frantic activity quoi! Which I shouldn’t complain about, because sitting here as my son sleeps I think I need some excitement. Although much of our frantic activity is confined to the end of the week and the weekends. By the end of the week I’m usually in a foul mood – tiredness, watching childrens programmes over and over again, finding stuff to do with Rémy and general nose to the grindstone all contribute.

So last Friday it was a welcome change to be invited to a cabaret in Paris! Thumpah’s boite was celebrating 20 years of existance, so staff and other halves were all invited to “dîner-spectacle” at the Bobin’o just round the corner from Tour Montparnasse. I was a little apprehensive about it all at first – but I needn’t have been. Who’d have thought a bunch of dancers, topless women and transvestites could put on a good show!

The food was nouvelle cuisine – not my sort of thing, which I found really too rich. Two mouthfuls was too much. That said – the Management who paid for the trip were very generous and although I’m not an employee I would like to say my big thanks for such a great night out.

Bobin'o Show

The wind down to Christmas is beginning (or should that be the wind up?). We’re starting to prepare for a visit to the UK – from the 23rd till the 30th December, although two days will be spent travelling over by car and ferry. This time round we are using Norfolkline, instead of the usual Speedferries, to cross the channel. The fact that their price was 18€ cheaper was a big factor. OK it’s not a lot, but it’s enough to warrant a change.

I’m wondering how we’ll all get along in my Mum’s tiny house in Leicester, now that Rémy can walk (and very well too!). We’ll have to see… Nothing much planned for our visit really. I’d like to get some shopping done in Leicester or Fosse Park to stock up on goodies, depends really on how much room we’ll have in the car coming back. The “bottomless” roofbox seems to be a godsend!

Hopefully we’ll have time to see a few friends – but with Christmas I’ve worked out that including Boxing Day we’ll have 3 days free. We have also been invited to my mate Martin’s wedding on the 28th. After which they are emigrating to Oz – so it’ll be our last opportunity to see them before they make the big move! Our best wishes to him, his soon to be wife Yvonne and their two girls Katie & Lucy (who is practically the same age as Rémy!)

All being well we won’t be too tired to see in 2009.

Before all that, though, we have a few things going on. Friday we have some Christmas shopping to do. For presents for my family and Thumpah I’ve cheated and done some shopping online. Having bought things on Amazon in the UK – it has actually been quite reasonable. At least we’ll have some extra space in the car! But we have a few other bits and pieces to buy here before we go, some of which will have to be posted to the UK as we won’t have time to see friends and relatives who live away from Leicester.

Sunday we’ve been invited to eat with Lynn & Robert in Paris. Lynn runs English Speakers in France with me, and although we’ve exchanged a lot of email in running our group this will be the first time we’ve met face to face.

On the 6th December we have a group meet for English Speakers in France, again in Paris. The last was in February and before that we’re going back over 18 months to before Rémy was born for the last one! So it’ll be nice to get together with everyone again. We’ll be thinking about both Pam & Angie when we meet up – they are much missed.

The 20th will see us celebrating a friends birthday, just before we go to the UK.

Rémy is sleeping in longer this morning because this afternoon we have an appointment at La Poste to open a Livret A for him. 18 months old and soon to have his own bank account! I am so pleased that we are starting this now for him, happy in the knowledge that he’ll have something there for the future.

Rémy is cool...

In the last few weeks I’ve been busy setting up two photos sites hosted by Fotopic. One, which I mentioned in a previous post is for my transport photos. However, the other, which will be of interest to those passionés de la France out there is intended to display photos I have taken in France  over the last 11 or 12 years. Never realised that I had such a variety – although for the moment I have just uploaded the tip of the iceberg – there are LOADS more to put on display. I’ve made a good start though.

Albums are listed by French département, and there is even one entitled “Cuisine”… MIAM!

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