Visit to see the French Vampires…

I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but my Généraliste insisted
I go for a blood test – so this morning was it. As is the way in
France you go to a Laboratoire d’Analyse. The ones around here are
situated in most small towns, something that just doesn’t exist in the
UK where the GP usually sends you to a local hospital.

In my case we went to the nearest large village where there is a
laboratoire next to a row of shops. My Doc had wanted tests for 5
things – so 5 test tubes to fill. So at the Laboratoire I gave my
details, produced my Carte Vitale etc then was asked to wait to be

The woman (Vampire LOL) who dealt with me had serious problems getting
a vein in my arm to rise up. She tried both arms (the left arm seemed
to hurt more) – but couldn’t draw any blood (or very little).
So passed me to a colleague who was able to find a vein and then “fill
up the tubes”. I suspect the first woman hadn’t tied the tourniquet
tight enough.

Anyway – I now realise why my left arm hurt more…


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