The festivities seem like an age ago, but this Christmas was not only the first where Rémy is starting to understand that things are going on, but it was also his first one in the UK. We are trying to alternate Christmas between France and back home, next year we’ll be here in France.

My Mum hadn’t seen him since he was about 4 months old, so quite a lot was different for her. Rémy was running around her little bungalow, and although it was obvious she was pleased to see him, we could see that her condition was making it a bit difficult for her to interact with him. Of course, he was spoiled rotten by everyone – our friends and also his Great Grandma. We really had a job bringing everything back in the car. Just hoped that we didn’t have to open the roof box at the customs.

So, where are we at now? Well Rémy is starting to get interested in everything now. He isn’t really that mischievous – but he can throw a good trantrum when things aren’t going his way. We tend to put him somewhere so he can lose his temper on his own and then eventually calm himself down. It works most of the time, but with his Maman he really does become difficult. Talking about Maman, it’s all Maman at the moment. He shouts Maman, Maman, Maman… but no Daddy… Daddy… Daddy for the moment. His old Dad is that poor sod that looks after him all week, so I guess he must get pretty fed up with me being there almost contantly.

Weekday mornings he really does get into a state when Maman leaves in the car to go to work. So it’s a case of constantly explaining why Maman is going and trying to reassure him that he’ll see her later on. After 10 minutes he has forgotten the whole thing.

A few days ago, he took us all by surprise though. As Thumpah was carrying him, he grabbed hold of her face with both hands and planted a big smacker on her lips, he seems to love doing that.

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