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Over the last couple of weeks my way to deal with Rémy’s tantrums has been to pick him up and put him in the corner of the room. The first time I did it, to my amazement he stayed there facing the wall and calmed down. After a few minutes I could go and take him by the hand and explain to him why he had been put in the corner.

So imagine my surprise when I was on the sofa with him in the living room when he lost it. I said to him “Stop that now. You have a choice: either you go into the corner or you go to bed if you continue with that!”

So he got off the sofa, and ran into the next room. I thought he had gone off to play, then Thumpah who went off to get something came back into the living room to tell me that he had gone into his habitual corner all on his own.

There he was – calm and standing facing the wall. I was gobsmacked. 🙂

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