What do I do all day?

This morning I came across the article below that a friend on Facebook had posted (which I unashamedly stole hehehe). OK, I’m a stay at home Dad, not a Mom, Maman or Mummy – but the same applies to Stay at Home Dads too. Alright, I do try and stay in touch with people even though my “me time” can be limited. In fact as time goes by, that “me time” is getting more limiting as my son changes and becomes more demanding.

Read on, this really is excellent…


Why don't friends with kids have time?

Now, there are people out there that use the fact that they are too busy to stay in touch because of kids. From experience I say yes and no. Yes it is possible to send an email – or a message on a social networking site, it takes no time. But no, as I have found out, “sadly I can’t come to your birthday party on Thursday night”. One of my good friends celebrated his last week in Paris. We’d have loved to have been there, but it was mid-week so out for us as parents.

Which means our weekends are often busy – and also precious time for us to get things done, go out as a family, see friends and take a bit of a breather too – at lot isn’t it? Which makes staying in touch online more realistic for everyone with kids… that is, if you REALLY do want to stay in contact. 😉

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