A couple of causes…

While my son is napping for an hour or so – in fact in the morning he usually just lies there playing with the musical box on the side of his cot – I’ve got time to let you know about a couple of causes for Stay at Home Dad’s.




The first is Help Stay at Home Dads be taken seriously – a cause I set up just a few weeks ago to highlight the reality of being a stay at home Dad and to drum up some numbers of people who agree that being one shouldn’t be seen in a negative way. The sad thing about society, particularly here in France, is that a man doing what is traditionally a womans job is very much frowned upon. The woman being the bread-winner is a bit of a no-no, despite the fact I’m doing this job saves us upto 700€ a month (possibly more and not a long way away from the French SMIC – monthly minimum wage).




Around the same time Danny Wade, a stay at home Dad for the last 5 years (whereas I’ve been in the job now for about 15 months) started his cause entitled Stay at Home Dads . We hope to stay in contact to compare note and I encourage you to support his cause too.

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