The terrible twos

It seems we are rapidly heading for the terrible twos with Rémy. Systematically nodding his head and throwing a tantrum when he can’t get his own way. I suppose like a little Hitler.

Well, he isn’t that bad – but it can get wearing when you watch his new favourite TV programme, Thomas the Tank Engine, then explain to him that now it is time for Maman to come and take you away so she can put your pyjamas on.

Instant tantrum. It is all so predicatable and we are getting to know what he likes and dislikes. 

For the moment a stint standing facing the wall in the corner of the room works wonders. He stops his tantrum and just stands there really calm. My parents in law couldn’t believe it, when they saw me do that! I wonder if that will last…

Yesterday I was chuffed to bits though… he ate a fromage frais all by himself without making too much of a mess. OK, I had to wipe his face once. But it is real progress and I said so to him. He looked very pleased with himself.

Today I was Rémy-less as he spent the day with his Mamie & Papy. I had a much needed rest – my back is getting quite painful, especially in the mornings. I really must start those back exercises…

Nice point of reference – for what an toddler should be doing…

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