Rémy turned 2 years old on the 19th of May and is now at an age where his attention span is starting to get longer. Which means that I can leave him to play now and again, but of course before long he is coming to me because either he wants attention or, more recently, he wants me to join him on the floor to play (my poor old back!!! 🙂 ). On those occasions he says “Do-do” and pats the floor.

He is becoming a big fan of “Thomas the Tank Engine”, “Ivor the Engine” & “Trumpton” although he now watches “Come Outside” less frequently. Generally he likes to draw, so one of our friends bought him a mat that he can draw on using magic markers that you just fill with water. No ink and no mess!

Drawing with water!

We have some Play Doh as well now, and also plenty of books with stickers. We bought him a table with a racing circuit on too (a bargain at 15€) with two stools. So he can sit there and play, maybe one day with his cars too!

Table which cost just 15€ !

He also isn’t that shy, well he is at first, but is soon playing with others especially if they are girls. 😉

Rémy and the girls
Rémy has started painting... some of it on the paper!

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