Je mange comme un grand!

Rémy à table.

Since last night Rémy has started eating at the table, so quite a big advance. Bye bye to his wooden high-chair and hello to his booster seat with harness.

At lunchtime he sat there drinking his Actimel (live yoghurt) and then eating his compote aux pêches et aux pommes (peach & apple puree), and didn’t even make a mess – like a real grown up.

Unfortunately I still can’t shake him from his habit of insisting that he have HP sauce with his main course… today it was semoule with Floraline & haricot verts (semolina with a maize thickener & green beans) and some small pieces of bacon. He ate the semolina mix avec HP, and left the bacon. It is a real challenge to get him to eat savoury things, less so fruit and petit suisses/yoghurts.

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  1. Bless his little heart. You could always try him with sweeter vegetables pureed with fruit. Carrot, banana and apple goes quite well.

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