Worries & 2 more weeks

There are always worries in life, or at least not all the time, but they definately exist. Recently I had a message from back home that my 83 year old Grandma is having heart problems and will have to see a specialist. This sort of news stops you in your tracks a bit, especially as she is this amazing person who I admire 100% and that you think is always going to be there. Well thats life I suppose… but even though I don’t call her as often as I should, I always think about her. The last time we saw her, was at Christmas – it was great to see my son with his Great Grandma.

Rémy with his Great Grandma Maureen

More recent news is that my Grandma’s sister, Great Aunt Rosemary, sadly passed away. She had been recovering from a stroke, and was apparently getting better. Rosemary was my Grandma’s younger sister by a couple of years. She also has an older sister, Tricia and unlike my Grandma both left their native Essex for America just after World War 2. Tricia because she met and fell in love with a GI and Rosemary, who followed a couple of years later.

We also have had another big worry, but I don’t want to go into that right now. But lets just say that is always present at the moment and that maybe one day I’ll be able to write about it on here when the time is right.

Better news is that we hope to leave for Germany on the 4th July, destination the Black Forest. As is the norm, Thumpah has 3 weeks off, the first week of which we’ll spend over there. The other two weeks, we’ll be working on our house and garden. Lots of things to do, we’ll do as much as we can with the time and money available. As there’ll be no one to look after Rémy, it means we’ll have to work during his siestes in the afternoon. I’ve started a Chez Nous album on Flickr to record events and progress.

Of course, we’ll find time for some day excursions as well… 🙂

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  1. Thanks Pat… seems one worry turns into another, we don’t think Chipie will last very long now…

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