An alternative high chair

My friend Rein passed this onto me, as she used one for her two daughters. For Rémy we have a booster seat with a harness (see previous post), which is very portable. But this Tripp Trapp chair looks really great!
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TRIPP TRAPP® highchair
More than a highchair, TRIPP TRAPP® is the award-winning children’s chair from STOKKE®, available in 11 colors and with a wide range of optional accessories.

– The chair that grows with the child™

Designed to provide the correct ergonomic support for your child when seated, TRIPP TRAPP® enables your child to sit at the family table and interact with you and other family members.
The unique adjustability of TRIPP TRAPP® in both seat and footrest height and depth adapts to your child as they grow to ensure that your child sits comfortably at all times.
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  1. Aimee (putyourflareon) has this for Max and it’s super. Wide enough to fit both Max and Rowan when we were visiting, which was great! Even adults can use it if it’s adjusted properly.

    We’re also using a booster with Rowan. I switched her to it several months ago, and it’s one that comes with a tray so can be used as a high chair for smaller babies as well. If I only knew! 🙂 Ours is the Fisher Price one. Aimee has the same one at her tea house (L’Oisive-Thé) in the 13e for families to use. She serves a great brunch if you’re ever in the neighborhood. 😀

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